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Project Management Assessment


Lawson McGraw Associates (LMA) provides project management capability assessment for corporate clients and individual students. Fundamentally, for corporate clients we assess the maturity of your project organisation against your business objectives and provide a route map to excellence. For our individual students, we assess your project management knowledge and competency against your personal and company aspirations and provide a development plan for progression through the Association for Project Management (apm) qualification structure.




Company Assessment of Project Management Capabilities

Understanding the primary business objectives of the organisation and subsequently conducting the assessment of project management capabilities within the company with respect to attaining these objectives will identify the real training need. A detailed assessment of the Company’s knowledge and competency in project management is an integral part of the roadmap towards excellence. Based on the APM’s Body of Knowledge, the project management maturity model describes 5 phases in the organisational evolutionary from a disorganised project environment into a results-oriented professional organisation where projects success is the norm.


Individual Assessment of Project Management Capabilities

The assessment is designed for candidates who intend to embark upon the APMP qualification and wish in advance of the course to assess their capabilities against the learning objectives within the syllabus. The assessment will address the training benefit not just for the individual but the wider organisation. What outcome is to be achieved from completing the APMP qualification and how will it be measured and implemented? A detailed assessment of the candidate’s knowledge and competency in project management is an integral part of the roadmap towards professionalism. Fundamentally, the assessment attempts to identify how well the candidate plans, monitors and controls a project from a process and people perspective.