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Benefits Realisation


Benefits realisation is the third stage of the Lawson McGraw Associates (LMA) "Proven Path" and the step that truly delivers the return to the individual and client organisations. The financial benefits of training cannot be measured in terms of student reactions or course evaluations, or the amount of learning that has been achieved; not even the extent to which behaviour may have changed. The real benefits come from the quantifiable, measurable improvement and the effective integration of people, process and systems within the company.




Benefit Realisation

The assessment process will determine the true business or personal objective to be gained from training. e.g. higher productivity, lower costs, greater competitiveness, professional accreditation. This establishes the exact purpose of the training and defines the expected client benefits. To provide maximum return on investment from the training, we would suggest that the benefits be measurable at individual, team and organisational level.


Professionalism requires both a detailed knowledge of the project management discipline and the ability to win hearts and minds in order to make a real difference. Professional accreditation provides the knowledge, confidence and standing to realise your potential in the project management environment. Our "Route Map to Professionalism" provides the individual candidates with progressive qualifications on their journey toward professional accreditation.


Learning from training courses needs to be integrated into the workplace in order to deliver the required results and outcomes. On completion of the training, our "Organisation for Change" methodology provides the framework to effectively integrate the new learning into the business and to radiate it out into the wider organisation.


Organisational benefits from training need to be effectively managed or they will simply not materialise. The challenge is to ensure that the return on investment on training can be scrutinised and delivered. Throughout the "Proven Path" our "Benefits Management" process provides the structure and discipline for initially measuring the current operational scenario and progressively tracking, auditing and sustaining benefits from the new ways of working.