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Individual Assessment of Project Management Capabilities


The Association for Project Management (APM) is the only UK-based organisation dedicated to the professional development and promotion of project management. It has over 17,500 individual and 500 corporate members throughout the UK and abroad. APM qualifications are stand alone awards designed to meet the needs of project staff at different stages in their professional development. Based on the APM Body of Knowledge, the APMP professional qualification is the highest knowledge based qualification awarded by the APM.




Individual Assessment Overview

A detailed assessment of the candidate’s knowledge and competency in project management is an integral part of the roadmap towards professionalism. Fundamentally, the assessment attempts to identify how well the candidate plans, monitors and controls a project from a process and people perspective.


Who should attend / pre-requisites

The assessment is designed for candidates who intend to embark upon the APMP qualification and wish in advance of the course to assess their capabilities against the learning objectives within the syllabus. Undertaking pre-course study has proven to be exceptionally beneficial to delegates embarking on the APMP qualification.


Learning Objectives

At the end of the assessment delegates will be able to:

Assessment Methodology

The assessment is conducted through a structured questionnaire covering all of the learning outcomes from the APMP syllabus. The assessment is specifically structured and designed to identify the candidate’s knowledge and competency in relation to managing projects. The comparison against best practice sets the baseline for the development of an individual candidate study plan in advance of the APMP course.


Subjects Assessed

The assessment of capabilities covers all 37 knowledge areas within the APMP syllabus, namely:

Next Steps

APMP course



The assessment fee per candidate is £278 (excluing VAT)


The fee includes detailed assessment questionnaire, analysis and candidate feedback.